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thrive through business intelligence and automation.

thrive through business intelligence and automation.

thrive through business intelligence and automation.thrive through business intelligence and automation.

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Automation with Microsoft Flow

 Microsoft Flow automates repetitive tasks that take up precious time in an employee’s workflow. Create to-do items, update spreadsheets, organize form responses, and much more without ever having to press a button. We’ll help you identify those tasks better done by a computer, so your employees can focus on providing your clients with the kind of customer service and attention to detail only a human can contribute. 


SQL Server Reporting Services

 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a report-generating software system that creates, deploys, and manages reports for both internal and external use. All ResWare data is reportable through SSRS, allowing for the creation of reports to help you track everything from number of sales completed to turnaround times and data entry errors. We will help you to create, automate, and maintain the reports you need to free time in the workflow process for more important tasks and to better prioritize tasks and determine goals to help your company get on track for success. 


ResWare Integration

 Looking to become integrated with ResWare? We have a decade of experience in ResWare setup, administration & optimization. We will help you through the process of setting up workflows tailored to your company’s needs. We can also help you become integrated with other ResWare users, so you can communicate, send orders, and receive documents quickly and securely without ever leaving ResWare