National Lien Search, LLC is fully integrated with ResWare®, Adeptive’s closing software. This means our integrated clients can seamlessly and securely order and receive municipal lien searches, tax certifications, and homeowner association searches in every U.S. state without ever leaving ResWare®.  In a press release, Adeptive explained how our ResWare® integration and years of ResWare® experience combine to help our clients optimize their workflow and close with confidence.

Ordering Property Research Has Never Been Easier

Our team members have over a decade of ResWare® experience. We are happy to guide you through the quick and easy integration setup process to provide the most efficient and automated search workflow. In their press release, Adeptive’s president, Bryan Buus, stated, “With National Lien, clients improve their productivity exponentially as automated workflows and actions keep transactions moving forward.” In the same press release, our president, Pete Bishop, notes that, through ResWare integration, we enable our clients to “focus on their core title duties and sales, instead of worrying about how they will order or receive their tax or lien searches.”

Ready to Embrace Efficiency? 

We provide fast and accurate property research, and with ResWare® integration, we can help you close with confidence, speed, and efficiency. Want to find out more?